Why Train With Kettlebells?

 Russian Kettlebell Lifters
Well, let's start with a little history. Back in the 1940's a group of Russian strongmen took the kettlebell and developed it into a highly technical and extremely demanding sport. The kettlebell grew in popularity among the Russians leading to their first Kettlebell Competition held in 1948. It later became the National Sport of Russia.

Today, Kettlebell Exercise has become the newest fitness craze to hit in recent years. And it's rise in popularity most certainly comes with good reason. Kettlebell training gives you a very effective overall body fitness workout providing strength training, cardio and muscle toning all at once. These workouts are effective because they engage key muscle groups all at the same time. No wonder it's catching on so well.

Benefits Of  Kettlebell Exercise:

Because of the uneven weight distribution of the kettlebell, it forces the entire body to be involved. Kettlebell exercise provides a much higher-intensity workout than standard weight-training and offers superior results in a shorter amount of time. 

You'll get a full body workout using the kettlebell as the tool. Proper kettlebell exercise delivers the three most important components of a fitness program all at once giving you a stronger, firmer body.

  • Fat-burning cardio
  • Strength-building core
  • Muscle-toning resistance
  • All in 1/3 The Time
Kettlebell Exercise Routines are Efficient:

A kettlebell exercise routine relies on continuous motion and fast paced sets. Often it will require switching hands and/or grips, or working multiple types of lifts in a circuit so that the workout never stops. The method behind this madness is to keep your heart rate up as high as possible for as long as possible while at the same time building muscle.

The Principle Behind A Kettlebell Exercise Routine:  

Through working out various muscle groups all at once, athletes can get a cardio/fat burning workout together with the strength training they had to do anyway!

Kettlebell exercise routines are unique. Many swinging motions are required and nothing is stabilized. This may look weird because it is radically different than normal weight training and contrary to what people have been taught in the past. These many swinging motions engage the entire body resulting in an overall tone and stronger body. 

Save Time With Kettlebells:

The way kettlebells incorporate all the benefits in an ultra-efficient, time-saving routine, is to incorporate explosive elements into a kind of weight lifting circuit. For those of you who aren’t familiar with circuit training, it is basically the idea of picking a few different exercises that will target various parts of your body and then doing them as a set together over and over. 

What this does is allow certain muscles to recover while others put in the work. It is efficient because it takes away the downtime in a workout and keeps your heart rate up. Because your heart rate is up all the way through your kettlebell exercise routine, instead of dipping as you constantly rest, you get a much better overall calorie burn. This solves a lot of the problems associated with traditional weight lifting.

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I love the fact that with a kettlebell exercise routine you can get in and out in 45 minutes and get an absolutely thorough workout. You don’t have to stand there waiting while your isolated muscles slowly recover. Instead, you continue working out in a circuit-training-like manner. This gives your muscles the recovery time they need while still keeping your heart rate up. It also allows you to soar through repetitions so you can get done and on with your life.

Use The Kettlebell To Build Athleticism:

Most kettlebell exercise gurus will tell you that their thoughts on weightlifting for athletes in explosive sports are completely different from the average. For years, it didn’t matter what the sport was. It was ‘well-known’ that the only way to really get stronger was to pump out set after set on a bench press or with a curl bar.   
Athletics are built around dynamic movements that often leave you off balance. Usually when you have to lift or push something, it is not a perfectly balanced weight, but rather shifting. This is the premise that the kettle bell is based on. The weight of the kettlebell is not the most advantageous to lifting high numbers, but instead, it's built to train your body for actual competition. Kettlebell exercise builds functional, lean muscle for all classes of athletes.

The Kettlebells Are Perfect For Your Home Gym:

 10 lb Kettlebell with DVD
The kettlebells are small, compact, and very easy to move around. They come in a variety of weights in many vinyl coated colors. This is an improvement over the earlier models that were mostly rough non-sanded scarp iron. The vinyl gives them a shiny and clean appearance that looks great in your home or at the gym.

Kettlebells Will Make Your Life Easier:

The most important reason why I have kettlebells in my home gym, and why I would definitely recommend them for anybody is the straight forward fact that they can replace so much. Think about your current set of weights. You need so many different kinds of barbells; special bars for curling, special bars for bench-pressing and special bars for military pressing. Just the racks alone for all these pieces of equipment take up way too much valuable space.

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The best part is not only does kettlebell exercise work, but it works in a hurry! You can get your day back because your workouts now last only 30 to 45 minutes instead of hours and hours doing set after set with dumbbells, not to mention the repetitive mind-numbing cardiovascular exercises you do afterwards. As I've said before, kettlebell exercise allows you to get your strength training and conditioning all at the same time.

How To Start Using Kettlebells: 

The best way to start using kettlebells is to find a trainer or instructor with a kettlebell teaching certification. Small boutique gyms and independent trainers offer group classes and individual instruction. Most commercial gyms do not have kettlebell exercise programs. If you don't want to use a trainer, you can utilizing some good Kettlebell Exercise DVDs to help you excel with kettlebells.

We recommend using the KettleWorx Training Program.    KettleWorx total body fitness is recognized as the global leader in kettlebell training. Burn a whopping 400 calories in one 20 minute workout! Just follow the KettleWorx Program for 20 minutes 3 times a week. In six short weeks you will see changes in your body that will amaze you!  

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If your not sure if kettlebell exercise is what you want to focus on, how about testing the waters using this great inexpensive starter book as your guide. The Ultimate Kettlebell Workbook teaches the proper way to do primary lifts as well as variations so you can use kettlebells safely and effectively to transform your current workout into a dynamic program for developing strength and power.  

Selecting the Best Weight Kettlebell:

We recommend that most new kettlebell users start with a 5 lb or 10 lb kettlebell. Doing too much too soon can strain muscles and cause damage to joints. Kettlebells over 20 lb are best for seasoned users and strongmen.

The following videos will show you the basic fundementals of the kettlebell in action.

Basic Kettlebell Swing Video:

Beginner Kettlebell Exercise For Women Video:

The team at Australian Kettlebells run the girls through some basic kettlebell exercise drills. Ideal for women just starting out with kettlebell training. 

Kettlebell 6 Minute Workout Video:

Doing kettlebell swings, high pulls and snatches using Tabatha intervals for 6 minutes.